I started practising yoga when I was going through a huge amount of turmoil in my life, marriage ended, event management business closed, travel plans cancelled, jobless & moved back in with my parents (Saturn’s return was heavy for me!)


My practice began with a more physical desire to move and increase my mobility, but over time it has shifted to a more subtle awareness... you start to acknowledge and honour the different versions of you that showed up to the mat, all looking for something.


Through a regular yoga practice I came to realise how unkind I was being to myself. I’ve always been kind to my body in terms of eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep, but I realised through yoga that I wasn’t treating myself kindly in the way I would talk to myself.


Yoga has given me energy and mental clarity to pursue my hectic life as a freelance photographer in the best physical and mental state possible.
It makes me feel sharper and light, it's such a boost. Pretty hard to describe without sounding overly profound.


This will be a life long journey of continual personal growth and connection - but the connection that I have to my body at the moment is the strongest it has ever been.


I had practiced bits and pieces years ago while I was living in Sri Lanka but I had never done proper yoga before until February this year. I’ve always struggled to find something I could be passionate about so I decided to give it a go.


Self-care is something that I was forced to learn and strictly implement during my training and journey to becoming a psychologist. One of the most important life lessons I have learnt to date is that you can’t be there and support others’ to the best of your ability, when you are not looking after numero uno!



The poses are a gateway to connect the mind to the body on one harmonious frequency. I believe this is what sets yoga apart from other forms of physical practice.


I was always go go go! Train as hard as you can, talk as much as you can, do as much as you can. I find now I really enjoy my alone time especially on the mat at the end of a class when everyone else rushes off to do what's next! That's where the magic happens. 


Practicing yoga has inspired me to delve a little deeper into mindfulness and explore the way I look at the world. It has definitely helped me through some tough times and provided me tools which help in all sorts of day-to-day situations.


I can't say I was that passionate at the start. Probably the opposite. But Jani was so patient. Slowly my lack of passion turned into a deep desire to learn and forever work with the practice.


Despite “self-care” being an over-hyped, now almost defunct word, the act of looking after ourselves should be our number one priority.


Before doing my Yoga Teacher Training, I wouldn't have considered myself spiritual but it has opened my eyes to a greater awareness of ALL of the energy around me and within me


Day to day treating myself is taking even just a few minutes out of my day to meditate or be in my own space doing something that makes me happy. This can range from anything- cooking, exercise, reading or even setting aside time to face time/catch up with friends


I was a happy kid but my mind would run away filled with fear, which when triggered sent me into a really scary place. This brought me to regular meditation and a journey of inner awareness.


My connection with yoga was taken one step further one year ago when I moved from New Zealand to Singapore and decided to make practice a daily part of my life.

 I left behind six years in a corporate job.


Yoga has inspired me to be grateful. I have struggled with always wanting more and never being content with myself or with parts of my life. Yoga gives me the time and space to think about how lucky I am.


Sometimes when I’ve been to a class and I’ve pushed myself physically, mentally or spiritually and had a new experience, I go out into the day with a newfound appreciation for what I am capable of and an overall sense of peace.


Yoga has given me the courage to quit being a full time Primary School Teacher after 6 years of teaching.  It has helped me come realise what is important and how I want to live my life, as I know how short life can be!


Have you ever had one of those times in your life where it brings you to your knees? ...  I was on my knees, not sure how I was going to get up or where I was going next... I went to a Hatha yoga class


I find it fascinating feeling, learning and observing the parallels between my artwork and yoga - the discipline, the flow, the focus, the passion, the balance between rules and freedom - There are many! 


For me yoga keeps me sane! I feel like it’s helped me to be a calmer more understanding human.


At the end you leave freer than when you entered, unfettered by those daily, burdensome memories.


I first discovered yoga on a solo adventure to India in 2013...I felt instantly connected to the ancient practice and knew that this was only the beginning.


I have learned to believe in myself.  I teach because I want to inspire others to also believe in themselves.  


My yoga practice has helped me call in my soul mate and I continue to use it as a tool to better myself in my relationship and everyday life.


I first practiced yoga at the age of 5. I experienced quite a bit of anxiety as a kid, so my mom thought giving yoga a try might help alleviate some of my symptoms.


I'd never considered myself to be a 'sporty' person and I made that mean that all forms of movement were just not enjoyable for me...Yoga was the first thing that really connected me to my mind and body.


I believe that its just in my constitution that I am one of those souls that tends to take on a good old fashion challenge... but to be honest they are not always welcome.


I started practicing yoga in the womb! I like to take the credit for my mum becoming a yoga teacher - she started practicing yoga when she became pregnant with me.


Yoga is hard, yoga is personal and yoga is honest- yoga is for everyone.


Running, Cycling, Circuit Training, Swimming, Cross-Fitt, Exercise classes, Boxing. They all have their pros and cons, but for me, none of them are as efficient as yoga. 


I love learning about how our bodies move, and how we can move in a way to keep our bodies injury and pain free.


It was the beginning of a long line of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual obstacles I had to overcome.


One of the most important things that yoga has taught me is to take better care of myself.


I was on steroids for very bad psoriasis, I had high blood pressure - and I was obese... I was seeing physiotherapists, GPs, back surgeons - knee specialists, skin specialists- but nothing was really working with conventional medicine for me.


I was trying to maintain a job in administration and be everything to everybody else but basically living a life of bad decisions that were hurting the people I loved the most.


When you sit in your own mess long enough, you unwind years of emotion and tension – it sounds like something Yogis just preach about a lot, but it is true and it does happen.


The practice has opened me up to being patient, it has given me more control of my breathing and also I feel it is a form of release in regards to stress and tension.


Now I relish those things that make me feel good... from how ridiculously happy I get from my first sip of coffee ... to swapping my gym membership so that I could spend more time outdoors or on my mat.

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