Yin Meditation

In honour of World Meditation Day and in collaboration with WE'AR clothing -
this 12 minute Yin Meditation has been created for you - to cosy up and listen to as we head into winter, and anytime you want to invite softness into your life.

Tap into the soft, creative, yin energy that resides in all of us and let this practice nurture and support you through the colder and darker months.

Find a comfortable position and simply press play

If you download this meditation - you will be sent a link via email.
If you want to listen to it on your phone, you need to download the audio content to a desktop, open in iTunes and then download to your phone.
If any dreams or intentions came through during this practice, you may like to take your practice deeper with Yoga Nidra. 

© Created by Ashley Ware Design 2017