Unblocked Workshops


Lacy Phillips, a manifestation advisor and founder of Free and Native.



I have been following Lacy's work for a while after hearing her speak on The Life Stylist podcast.

Dream jobs, relationships, material items ... you name it - Lacy has a formula that has helped her and plenty of others bring into reality the things they are desiring. The basis of her work ultimately revolves around self-worth. She has a beautiful step-by-step formula that takes a refreshing and much needed diversion from the old "think positive" and "be in the vortex" methods you may be familiar with.


Lacy believes our manifesting power lies in our subconscious belief systems; systems that were imprinted on us in childhood (between the ages of 0 to14 years of age). She has a series of "Unblocked" workshops that combine neuroscience, psychology and spirituality that assist you in realising old patterning and allow you to truly unblock subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back. 


We all have the power to manifest, but it does require some unblocking... and so I've been busy diving deep and uncovering a whole lot of mind-blowing blocks that have previously held me back. Releasing these blocks has had profound effects...



  1. An aesthetically pleasing online workshop with step by step prompts that guide you to take a look at your own subconscious programming

  2. Shifting the old view that our thoughts create our reality

  3. Allocating about half an hour each day to "do the work" which will best be done in a quiet space

  4. Using "Deep Imaginings" a form of hypnosis to tap into your own subconscious

  5. Journalling your thoughts and feelings and answering some specific questions

  6. A willingness to act on things that you can see are recreating old patterns and habits (also known as "passing tests")

  7. A willingness to look at your "dark side" (not just the light, happy and positive aspects). When we accept our WHOLE self - not just the bits we believe are "good" - everything starts to change!! 

  8. Becoming awe-struck by the kismet moments, people and items that appear in your life simply from doing the work

  9. Be prepared to get triggered - these are actually the best moments - as if you chose to go with and explore them - you will start to debunk!!


Depending on what you are wanting to call in there are a series of Unblocked Workshops you can choose from on the website.

Each Unblocked Workshop costs around 98 New Zealand Dollars (a very reasonable investment - and no need to wait months and months to get on Lacy's wait-list for a private consult).




BOOM manifestation 1, and 2, and there goes 3:

It's been quite a ride (and I wouldn't say it is for the faint hearted). So far I have completed Unblocked Reparent and Unblocked Shadow. These workshops realllly get down into those nitty-gritty core beliefs that create some seriously limiting behavioural patterns. Many of the limiting beliefs that I have recognised relate back to a need for approval and not believing my authentic self is worthy.

For me as a yoga teacher - it's been fascinating working with some new tools that tap into these deeper layers of self. Limiting beliefs can be likened to samskaras in yogic philosophy. Body movement and yoga has been super important for me to release some of the emotional stuff that has come up in doing the work!


Manifestations so far = meeting certain people, receiving amazing coaching, teaching some exciting yoga events, trips around the country and overseas... and a few other things that I am so so happy have come into my life!!!!

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