Truth and Dare


Yoga: asana, meditation and nidra

TRAUMA = pain/shame point - major or minor = creates an imprint that xyz = threat

Can go more into Samskaras

Our brains are developing throughout childhood and then their structure is again rearranged during puberty. This creates a very vulnerable/open/receptive state in which we open ourselves up to creates deep impressions/ long lasting impressions in the sub and unconscious mind.

Impressions = memories/ experiences/ images/ feelings (sensory)

When we hear/ see/ smell/ see/ taste things that have a similar nature to certain situations we have experienced in the past (even if not consciously remembered) - as a survival mechanism we respond according to the avoid pain seek pleasure response that we set up way back when. 

Pleasure = Feeling love, connection, worth

Pain = unworthy, unlovable shame, rejection etc...

The more we act on these automated responses the more reinforce these mental pathways.

Think about the way you drive to work or wash your body in the shower, or brush your teeth. We are creatures of habit as this is self-efficacy and there are many ways in which this help us.

"Once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget." When we learn a skill and repeat it over and over neural pathways are formed and reinforced through repetition. "If you don't use it you lose it" ... there are some mental pathways we are better off losing.

Sometimes there are some deeper corners to explore to understand the pain/ shame points so that we can FULLY FEEL them and have an acknowledgement and a release.

Now we go deeper to discover the blocks.



Can repeat elements from Part 2


The koshas/layers of the body




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