Fist yoga practice:

I did my first yoga class in my second to last year of high school. By my memory it was a YIN class, but somehow I still managed to sweat. Maybe it was the nerves...or maybe it was incredible discomfort I experienced whilst trying to be seated in heroes pose.

Favourite yoga pose:

Handstands, I am still working on them. The "upside down" (Stranger Things reference) is an awesome place to be. 

Favourite food:

Indian, Thai or home cooking!

Favourite song:

Anything Drake.

Favourite quote:

"Success is peace of mind."


I still have an interest to get involved in theatre/standup, I love being on stage and interacting with people, making them laugh.


The practice of yoga has given me a lot, especially since I have begun deepening my practice over the last few years. One thing that really stands out is "the quiet". The stillness and contentment you feel at the end of a really deep yoga practice. With everything I did before this shift I was always go go go! Train as hard as you can, talk as much as you can, do as much as you can. I find now I really enjoy my alone time especially on the mat at the end of a class when everyone else rushes off to do what's next! That's where the magic happens. 

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