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Yin Nidra 60 mins 7:30pm @ Studio Red Book Now

This girl is legit. The yoga pushed me to my limits, the assists, the flow, the practice moved me so much I finished in tears...I am just a regular gal who had a profound experience with a teacher that has a true gift.

—  Chantal


Yoga in the Sky 60 mins 7:00am @ The Sky Tower Book Now

Yin Yang 60 mins 5:00pm @ Studio Red Book Now


Red Fusion 60 mins 7:00am @ Studio Red Book Now

Yin 60 mins 5:00pm @ Golden Yogi Book Now

Vinyasa 60 mins 6:15pm @ Golden Yogi Book Now


Sleep 30 mins 6:15pm @ Brthe.Space Book Now


Yang Yin Nidra 90 mins 4:00pm @ Studio Red Book Now


Vinyasa 75 mins 6:30pm @ Golden Yogi Book Now

Dynamic Yoga 75 mins 6:30pm @ Sala Studio Book Now

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