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If you struggle with meditation - try this.

Just did it and omg!!! So amazing. Such a good meditation practice I didn't want it to end!

I got clearer and clearer as I went on! I have such an active mind but could never visualise anything. Ever. In my entire life. I used to try and "count sheep" as a child and would end up so upset that I couldn't (seems so silly now) but I nearly cried last night when it happened.

The voice of an angel - ultimate relaxation.

I have been having trouble sleeping for the past month... there has been so much going on and I can't turn my mind off. I literally put your yoga nidra challenge on repeat so I can relax and focus and fall asleep.

I've done it the last two nights and was out like a log and slept through the whole night!

I'm five days deep...my sankalpa really seems to be coming to fruition. New job on the horizon and have a much healthier and happier mindset as of late.

So I tried it last night - I've never really been able to meditate or even zone out cause I have such an active mind but this totally worked for me! Particularly at the beginning when you focus on different areas then build up to the body as a whole - it actually felt like an out of body experience it was crazy !!!

So nice to completely shut everything out and destress especially after work and exams. I can honestly say I understand the need for meditation.

I'm telling everyone in Singapore about how good this is. I lost feeling of my body and was floating in the clouds.

Your nidra is just wonderful.

I absolutely loooved the nidra challenge. I still do it everyday... it's so good. I've noticed my head is a lot clearer since starting which is awesome.


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