I am Meg, a mental wellbeing consultant and part-time nurse. I am also the founder of my small wellbeing business Sonder & Co. This small business is what I like to call my passion project  that came about through the idea and understanding that each and every single one of us live a life filled with our own chaos. With this understanding  I have created a platform where  I am able to  help others to own their story, re- author story and to continue to create a story that they want to live. I offer  counselling, wellbeing consults and workshops  to those who may be needing some extra support and guidance in life in order to be able to do this. I  also teach meditation and mindfulness classes at various studios in Perth, Western Australia. 

Fist yoga practice:

I have practiced yoga on and off for a few years but the class that sticks out for me that changed my relationship with yoga - with me becoming a dedicated ‘yogi’ since,  is a class I took with Rhyanna Van Leeuwardan at Camelot in Perth Western Australia about three years ago. A close friend of mine took me along to Rhys’ class and the flow of the class, the philosophy behind the teachings and the energy she brought to the room ignited something inside of me that craved more of what she gave and I haven’t been able to stop since

Treating myself means:

To me treating myself is nurturing myself, so what do I do to take care of and nourish my body and my mind. As I am the pillar post for many in the job that I have, self care is prioritised daily so that I am able to stay connected to myself and to stay grounded within. Staying grounded and connected helps me to differentiate between what is mine and what is not mine. This includes energies, emotions, thought patterns and behaviours, as it is easy to take on other peoples ‘stuff’ when I am exposed to it on a regular basis. My go to for doing this is either a walk along the beach at the end of the day and then diving into the ocean and cleansing myself of everything through the connection with water or to go home and have a hot bath, put my trackies on, hair in a bun, make my favourite dinner and watch a movie to help me completely zone out of everything.

Favourite yoga style:

My favourite style of yoga is vinyasa flow. Being able to fluidly move from pose to pose brings a sense of contentment within and helps me to connect to a creative side. It also helps me to express emotion and release stagnant old energy creating space for new energy. Vinyasa has also stood out for me as it pushes me to my edge, moving me out of my comfort zone enabling me to grow and learn something new about myself. Every single vinyasa flow class is different so you never know what to expect. 

Favourite quote:

My favourite quote as of recently is “Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in 2 or 3 decades” by Tony Robbins. Duncan Peak quoted this to me during our retreat week and it has stuck by me ever since. Never knew a few words could open up a whole new world of opportunity for me.


The goal that I set myself when beginning my yogic journey was to connect my mind to my body and regain a sense of self embodiment. Through dedicated practice and lots of self compassion and self inquiry I definitely feel that I have met this intention - its not to say thats its complete, this will be a life long journey of continual personal growth and connection - but the connection that I have to my body at the moment is the strongest it has ever been. To be able to feel my feet touch the ground  and move as I step - like to be able to really feel the movement of taking a step and the follow on effect it has with the next, being completely mindful of the motion and recognising how my body responds to its external environment has been nothing short of amazing and has only made me have greater appreciation for how amazing humans are. As I mentioned before it has ignited something inside of me that is craving to learn more about myself, more about others, more about our external and internal environments and how we are all connected and respond to each other in some way. 

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