Loren Honey


Fist yoga practice:

I started practising yoga when I was going through a huge amount of turmoil in my life, marriage ended, event management business closed, travel plans cancelled, jobless & moved back in with my parents (Saturn’s return was heavy for me!) It was a way to give my mind a bit of a break and I was hooked on yoga quickly!

Treating myself means:

Ocean swims, a holistic facial, massage, going to a concert, candles and a hot bath, going off grid without my phone for a few days or a ticket to Bali!v

Favourite yoga style and pose:

Dragon flow! Releasing the stored emotions from my hips is so juicy! I’m loving yin and kundalini too .

Favourite snack:

I’m all about cacoa with maca powder, honey & a drop of frankincense oil atm!

Favourite song:

Song is Swoon by Rising Appalachia or In Between by 6LACK & BANKS or Greatness by Rush Wepiha & DJ Spell or anything Fleetwood Mac. 

Favourite travel destination:

I LOVED Bali and will be back this year. Next year I’m going to Italy, Albania and maybe Egypt .

Interested in:

What has me stoked is my mahi I do helping women remember and reawaken to their own unique power and gifts. Femininity can be lace & silk or ripped jeans and tattoos... or both at the same time like me ha! Holding women’s circles is an absolute joy and honour as well as creating this new workshop called Becoming. I'm a creative from way back, making mosaics or clothes or drawing as well as attempting to learn to surf!


One of the first things that really shifted in me during yoga was the realisation of how much emotion and old baggage is stored within our bodies. I noticed how my emotions would change depending on what pose I was in and how different poses actually could help me let go of what I couldn’t express from my mind. That was a powerful change in me and was when I really started to understand impermanence. Each sensation and thought comes... and then goes. It’s when we hold on to it and overthink things that emotions store up and get locked in our bodies. That was the first time I cried in a yoga class!

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