My name is Laura, I have an account on Instagram @lightloveyogini — I like to share pretty photos and different pieces of philosophy I've been reflecting on or reading about at the moment. 


Fist yoga practice:

Yoga presented itself to me several times in life before it really stuck. I started going with my mom at 17, again in college as a freshman, then again when I was living in France (it helped with my language learning!), but it wasn't until I was in a graduate design programme in the United States at 23 that it really became a practice. The school programme was so stressful with deadlines and projects — I knew that I felt really good after Yoga and I found a new appreciation for the practice because I noticed it was helping me with my mental health and not just my physical health. Sacred Thread is the name of my first studio-home, it still has a really special place in my heart, it's back in my hometown Atlanta, GA..

Favourite yoga style and pose:

Recently I have been loving a slower practice, rather than the faster paced Vinyasa classes I used to go to religiously (although I definitely still love Vinyasa!) — to be honest the main thing I've been focusing on in my practices recently is probably Pranayama. Using breathing techniques, mudras, and mantras to feel more connected and aligned. 

Interests/ hobbies/ passions:

To be honest, my partner and I are total nerds together. We are constantly researching anything to do with health and wellness, from food to The 8 Limbs of Yoga to how technology can increase consciousness. We run little experiments on ourselves all the time, here are some recent little explorations — detoxing the body of heavy metals using Zeolite Clay, Chlorella, & Coriander Oil; germinating seeds near the wifi router to see how EMFs effect germination rates; storing our water on different mandalas with intentions written on the bottles. We feel really passionate about helping others take back their health — physically, mentally, consciously. 


I absolutely love how Yoga shifts your awareness through the different koshas naturally as you deepen your practice. My practice began with a more physical desire to move and increase my mobility, but over time it has shifted to a more subtle awareness of things that are happening beyond my physical body in the subtle bodies. It's just a really beautiful thing to reflect about your experience with Yoga because you start to acknowledge and honour the different versions of you that showed up to the mat, all looking for something. Without consciously acknowledging it a Yoga practice will change you.

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