Kahuna Massage


Taane Mete is trained in Advanced Kahuna Massage. He is a professional dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher so he understands the body in a deep way. Movement and breath infuse all of his work including this unique massage offering.


Kahuna massage is not your standard relaxation or remedial massage. It is based on the ancient practices of the Hawaiian Kahunas, delivered using mainly the forearms and elbows to work into the body's fascia. Breathing plays an important role in the massage and the masseuse works with a combination of deep pressure and feathery strokes in a very fluid motion over the front, back and sides of the body.

Every person's experience will be unique but due to the incredibly flowey nature of the massage, it really does create an energetic shift. People sometimes leave feeling energised while others report feeling a release of emotional, mental and physical blockages.

So if you are keen to try something new or clear some cobwebs – then Kahuna might be the answer.


  1. Taane offers massage in his lovely home located in Herne Bay, Auckland.

  2. Prior to the massage, you chat with Taane about about what the massage will be like and you have the opportunity to voice any questions/ concerns/ requests. It's all very informal, friendly and relaxed and you are made to feel comfortable.

  3. The massage room is filled with natural light, shells, crystals and plants and calming music.

  4. Tradtionally you are nude for the massage but you can choose to wear underwear. A folded towel is placed over private parts and a light sarong is placed over the body.

  5. The massage is performed using warm coconut oil.

  6. You will spend the first half laying on your stomach and the second half laying on your back. I love that this style of massage incorporates chest and stomach work which are often neglected in other massage styles.

  7. At any point throughout the massage you have the option to raise your hand, and the massage will finish up straight away. It is all about the client’s comfort and what works on the day for each individual.

  8. After the massage take your time to rest in the room after the massage.

  9. Sip tea, chill out and leave feeling lighter and refreshed


Bookings: via email/mobile at taane@okareka.com or 0212638418

60 min for $80 

90min for $120


I really really LOVE massage. I particularly like when you can feel something is going on in the body:

A soft relaxation massage is great but I’m always left hankering after something more.  This particular style was a crazy sensation. At first as it felt as though multiple hands were working on my body – but really it was just Taane cleverly maneuvering round the table applying a combination of firm and delicate pressure and fast and slow rhythm. The massage in it’s totally is like a seemless dance of movement from head to toe.

Afterwards it felt like I'd stimulated circulation in my body, softened and opened up the dense connective tissue, shifted stuck energy and surrendered to the healing power of touch.

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