First yoga practice: 

I feel like this question needs a prelude with me, on why I came to yoga. Have you ever had one of those times in your life where it brings you to your knees? Whether its mental, physical, emotional? Well when I was on my knees, not sure how I was going to get up or where I was going next, I went to a Hatha class yoga at Studio Red. I fell in love with yoga itself right away, with the teachers and with the gorgeous studio. Its been nearly 2 years since I've been practising there and I'm even more in love with it all. 

Treating myself means:

I used to live a very fast paced and over scheduled life so taking some time out for myself feels like an absolute treat for me. Whether it be journalling over a solo coffee, going to a yin class or reading with a cup of tea, I love the moments that slow me down.

Favourite quote:

A quote by Michael A. Singer is definitely my favourite - "You will never find yourself in what you have built to define yourself"


I’ve told myself that I’m many things in my life... too much of this, too less of that or I am this and I’m not that. And in the last couple of months, I realised how much that was restricting me in life, and how much it was keeping me in one place. I come back to this quote to encourage me to think in new ways, to do things differently or when I am out of my comfort zone, remind me why I'm there. 


Yoga has this beautiful way of teaching you life lessons on the mat that you get to take away with you, when the pose ends, when the class ends. One thing that I hold very dear to my heart is that yoga has taught me to show myself compassion and patience on the journey to any pose or any journey in life. From a body that was more inclined to be rigid than flexible, with muscles more inclined to be inactive than engaged and a limiting self belief telling my body it couldn't move in all these ways - yoga has taught me that in order to grow my practise, I needed to show myself kindness. In order to strengthen my practice, I needed to give myself time. 


Its taught me that with persistence, I can achieve what I didn’t think was possible, on and off the yoga mat. Its taught me to focus inward not outward - either by criticising myself or comparing myself to the person beside me in class or in life. Its taught me that any stage of a pose or my journey, we can still learn to love where we’re currently at while working on where we want to go.


To me, yoga is a way of life. 


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