We are about to play a game of Truth and Dare...

This is an age-old game that often invokes a mixture of excitement and nervousness...


 Let's imagine it's your turn... Truth or Dare?

If you choose Truth: you may expose something you've been hiding for a while...

If you choose Dare: you may do something well out of our comfort zone... 


Guess what?

By signing up to this programme - you've decided to brave both options so I commend you for your courage!!

Whenever you act courageously there will always be a transformation that occurs.

 You will see this clearly as you work your way through the next 8 days.

A lot of the work will be focussed on the internal world which will be beautifully reflected in the external world.

For the purposes of this programme...


Self- awareness

Once you become AWARE of your own energetic or belief-based blocks, you have placed yourself on the road toward change... 

This programme offers a lot of inward focussed exercises including personal assessment, yoga asana, meditation and yoga nidra.


Owning your power 

Having VISION + taking ACTION

There will be opportunities to really embody what you are learning - within the physical body and beyond. You can create change in your daily interactions and the way you show up in the outside world. 

The purpose of this programme is to give you a sense of your own energetic body and subconscious beliefs AS WELL as instilling a greater sense of self-worth and self-love.


Self worth and self love are at the core of manifesting your dreams.

Through this process you will be able to plant intentions like seeds inside and then watch as they grow and you step into your OWN power.

If there is something you really want to manifest in your life this programme offers you tools to see where you need to increase your self-worth and self-love so that you truly BELIEVE you are deserving of what you desire... (and the good news is that you most definitely ARE deserving ... you simply need to FEEL it and ultimately believe it). 


 There is a structure that I have laid out that can be used as a logical starting point but I truly implore you to follow your intuition in how you approach the programme.


Beliefs start to really get engrained when they are repeated over and over - so if one chakra OR limiting belief pattern feels like it needs more work - spend a few more days or even weeks focussing on this area. You can repeat this process as much as you like and use it in whatever order feels appropriate. If you need to take a break one day, that's totally fine - there are multiple meditations and yoga poses you can use on a pick and mix basis.Once you get a feel for what works and resonates with you and your time schedule - go with that.




Access to the internet


A  journal (or phone/ laptop/ computer) to write out your intentions as well as note down any ah-ha moments that  pop up (when working with the subconscious mind, it can take a little while for it's messages to filter through to the conscious mind. Answers can arise at very unexpected moments in the day/night - so just stay open and trust the answers will come).

Speakers or headphones may help to heighten the experience of the audio content (guided meditations, relaxations and yoga nidra).

I wish you so much love as you work through the programme.

You are powerful beyond belief.

If you have any questions you can post in the comments or send questions direct to

Namaste H xxxx

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