Hello! I am Imogen- I live in Melbourne and I am the co-founder a swimwear label Edimo celebrating the female form and embodying the essence of every woman. 

Fist yoga practice:

After being an avid high intensity gym goer since my teens- I did a few Yoga classes here and there but never really "found myself" in yoga until I visited Bali. Everything just aligned and I really understood and felt I got what I needed out of the practice. Since then I have been embracing Yoga every chance I get. 

Treating myself means:

Honestly, really treating myself is taking myself out of my little bubble in a busy city and allowing myself time to relax and find a little spot of earth by the ocean or absorbed in nature where I can take my time and I can completely relax and live in the moment & reflect. Day to day treating myself is taking even just a few minutes out of my day to meditate or be in my own space doing something that makes me happy. This can range from anything- cooking, exercise, reading or even setting aside time to face time/catch up with friends. 

Favourite yoga style and pose:

At the moment I am really loving Yin Yoga, as someone who is used to high cardio and doesn't know how to slow down I have learnt to really embrace holding a position and taking it at a slower calmer pace- my favourite pose right now and only because I have just recently managed to successfully hold myself in it is crow pose!! Who am I. 

Favourite snack:

I absolutely LOVE to snack. Check out Ottolenghi's Burnt Eggplant w/Tahini & Pomegranate

Favourite song:

Last song I played: Stevie Wonder - As - dreamy.

Favourite holiday destination:

Anywhere by the ocean, seriously. Rocks water and sand. The best places for food and zen revitalizing energy for me so far have been Tulum, Mexico; Uluwatu/Canggu, Bali & San Juan, Puerto Rico. 


I feel like the universe is really coming together for women right now. Its a very progressive and great time for us. Much needed change is finally on its way and its pretty empowering to be standing in the middle of it. We are owning our moment and really stepping forward for all women and I just love that way that it is headed so that our future generation of baby girls will have bright and beautiful future and be strong in themselves. With Edimo we celebrate women and our goal is to have every women feeling absolutely amazing and special in the skin they are in. 


Yoga has taught me to calm my mind and ultimately be still. It gives me that chance to step back, get into my own head space step back from all my worries and stresses and separate them. It has taught me patience and reflection. 


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