Holistic Facial


With Marizaan; an incredible therapist at The Beauty Elixir.


I have been seing Romy (owner of The Beauty Elixir) since I moved to Auckland and she has totally changed my approach to skincare for the better. 

Marizaan is a new and delightful addition to the team. She is currently studying Naturopathy. Both she and Romy take a holistic apporach to skincare and wellness. 

I simply adore the space - it's full of amazing energy (charged crystals, magic potions, yoga clothes and beautiful pictures are abundant).

Whether your skin is problematic or you are simply in need of some healing touch - you can't go wrong!



  1. Arrive at the most warm and welcoming skin spa in Auckland, Grey Lynn.

  2. Consult with the therapist about your skin and any concerns you may have.

  3. Hydrate with some water.

  4. Get set up in the treatment room. On the massage table, you can choose if you want to be cosy and covered in the beautiful blankets and fresh warm towels or you can go without if you are a naturally warm bodied person.

  5. Totally bliss out while your face, head, neck and shoulders are massaged, cradled and lathered in products that are unique to you.

  6. The creams, masks, cleansers, exfoliants and lotions are all hand-blended at the spa or sourced from Dermaviduals (an incredible and intelligent skincare range).

  7. There is always beautiful music playing softly in the background.

  8. Leave in a totally relaxed state with a dewy glow to boot!


Book online or via whatever platform of suits you. I often make appointments through instagram direct message.

There are a mix of amazing facial and massage options. If you get "The Facial" it will cost you $150 for 60 minutes.

Marizaan works on Thursday late nights and Saturdays, while Romy has greater availability.


I am all about CONFIDENT touch when it comes to massage (body and face):

I think when you receive any kind of service - whether a skin consult, a jean fitting or a visit to your local barista - the intention of the service provider is so important.  Marizaan instantly makes me feel at home and grounded. I can tell she has my best interests and heart and knows exactly what she is doing.


During my facial I drifted into a dream-like state while she put all kinds of ointments and masks and heated towels onto my face. She applied the perfect combination of firm touch and soft strokes. My FAVOURITE part of the facial was when Marizaan got deep into the pressure points around my cheeks and jaw (I am a teeth grinder so the tension tends to build). 

I actually went into such a dream state that when she was applying strokes of a face-mask over my forehead, I literally imagined myself as Baby Simba in the opening scene of the Lion King being baptised in coconut nectar (cue: Circle of Life soundtrack).... yup I definitely entered a deep state of relaxation!

I left feeling totally rejuvenated, nourished and calm.


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