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Hello, I am Meg Sanderson.


I am a mental wellbeing consultant that offers a variety of services from 1:1 consultations and private sessions, teaching yoga and meditation classes to running positive psychology workshops and public speaking. I own my own small wellness business that runs under the name of Sonder and Co. For more information or questions on the available services that Sonder and Co offers. please visit my website.


Healing to me, means to enhance wholeness and wellness within. Healing to me means to be able to recover or to replenish what may have been taken from the body to enhance overall happiness and wellbeing. 


How she came into this work:

Since a young girl I was always told that I naturally was a caring and compassionate person and since I can remember, helping people in some way, has always been something I have wanted to do. I originally started my career in health and wellness as a carer and then went on to become a registered nurse. I loved my first few years as a nurse and during that time I started to become particularly interested in the unique dynamics behind each and every one of our lives. This led me onto to studying a bachelor of counselling and then beginning my work in the mental health field where I was able to connect with people on more of an emotional level. This is where my real work began - and where I have found my true passion in helping people to maintain a healthy headspace through educating them on social emotional skills.


Another factor that led me to the work that I do is my exposure to addiction in my family. This includes both alcohol and drug addiction. Being witness to this and knowing that if interventions were put in place earlier to help maintain a healthy mindset it could have been avoided. My experience through the challenging situations and events I was faced with has enabled me to be able to connect to others that may have gone through or are going through similar situations. It also reiterated the importance  of self care to ensure I maintained stability and resilience to allow me to move forward in my life whilst keeping healthy boundaries and relationships. Leading by example, passing this information to others and enabling them to connect to themselves on a deeper level to be able to do this is what I believe is my purpose in this world and what I am able to offer. 


I have several mentors/teachers that I have learnt from and aspired to be like, all who have come into my lives at different points and taught me different things. My first being a spiritual teacher who I have worked with since I was about 14. Katrina Yull, she enabled me to tap into spirituality and intuition. She introduced me to the spiritual realm of life and has helped guide me through many challenging situations through energy work. Since working with Katrina I have been able to encompass the idea of healing through mind, body and spirit and she inspired me to incorporate alternative therapy as a healing method into my wellness work. 


Emerlyn Honey a very close friend of mine, introduced me to yoga and inspired my yoga path.  Being like-minded in so many areas of life we particularly shared a common interest in the benefits of positive psychology and the power of conversation, breath and movement. Hours of conversation have been had between the two of us and for me that has definitely fuelled some of my fire in the work that I do. 


Nikki Heyder another very close friend of mine, also being very like-minded in so many ways has inspired me to not give up on chasing my dreams and fulfilling my purpose. Her dedication and motivation to the work she provides to the community and the empowerment she gives to those through encouraging a balanced lifestyle in diet, movement and wellbeing has been a huge aspiration to me and inspiration to my work. 


I am very lucky to be able to call these mentors and teachers my close friends and to be able to work with all of them on a regular basis. 


Some other well known/ famous psychologists and therapists that have all also been huge contributors to inspiring my work - particularly in maintaining and enhancing a mental headspace include - Andi Puddicombe, Martin Seligman, Dr Jon Kabat Zinn, Brene Brown, Louise Hay, Bessel Van Der Kolk and the list goes on.


The thing that I love most about my work is teaching and educating - whether it be on movement, breath or mindful activities I love teaching skills in these areas to people and then seeing the positive impact it has on them as they implement them into their everyday life. 


At the moment the thing that I am most excited about is teaching yoga. I have recently completed my yoga teacher training and I can’t wait to start running regular yoga classes and enabling people to connect to themselves in another way.


The nature of my work is to deal with people on a very intimate level. Daily, I listen to complex stories and help people through very distressing times, and even in times when stories or situations may not be so dynamic my energy is still given through providing my full attention to each individual I work with. This can be mentally and emotionally taxing especially if I slack off on self care. 


I would say that self care is the most important thing for me to be mindful of and ensure that I implement into my everyday life as a necessity in order to manage my energy and help me to stay centred. Some of my self care habits include  - swimming at the beach (diving into the ocean is a way of cleansing myself of everything I may have picked up energetically that day), walking (walking is usually used as my thinking time where I process everything I have taken on and identify what is necessary to keep onboard and what isn’t), yoga (connecting back to my body through movement and breath, moving stagnant energy in my body, pumping blood around my body always leaves me feeling either energised or relaxed depending on the intention of the practice), meditation (regular meditation helps to keep me clear headed and focused, it helps to decrease and quieten the mental chatter that can be activated quiet easily through the work that I do), socialising (whether it be out for dinner, popping over to a friends and hanging out or a night out with a few drinks,  socialising is huge part of maintaining work-life balance in my life in avoiding burn out from the work I do as I occupy my mind with something that is completely seperate to it), once a month I will usually always book in for some form of energy healing - myofascial massage, reiki, seeking guidance from spiritual healers). These are all things that help me to stay centred and help to keep the passion in the work that I do.


As a healer, I see many common issues amongst clients. At the moment three of the most common being anxiety, panic attacks and an over stimulated central nervous system. It seems that these common issues frequently present due to clients frequently  busying themselves with things they don’t want to do, turning to quick fixes - drugs, alcohol, partying, and feeding their ego  with desire - social media, wanting to be something else or not accepting what they have as enough.


Overcoming these issues is something that is able to be achieved. The first step to doing so is acknowledging the problem and accepting it as a problem and then generating a deeper understanding and gaining insight into what the problem is. This can be done through seeking help and guidance from external sources such as myself. At this point you are able to work through what is going on, find tools and interventions that work for you to help you overcome the problem and allow you to establish a solid foundation in which these can be maintained to avoid repetitive patterns and prevent prolonged negative impacts down the track. 



Human Design:

My human design is a projector. Projectors are seen as the ones that are here to guide, and their focus should be on knowing how to best utilise the gifts and energetic resources of the other types.

As a projector my strategy is to wait for the invitation - instead of forcing things to happen, wait till I am invited for them to happen and being conscious of time, place and situation in all of this is crucial.


Western Astrology: 

Sun sign: Taurus

Rising sign: Scorpio

Moon sign: Libra


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