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I am a registered Physiotherapist Acupuncturist. 

While the healing work that I do does include treating musculoskeletal injuries both acute and chronic, the area of work I really LOVE working in is in restoring the ecosystem of the body in those who have lost their shine. 

Adrenal fatigue, PTSD, post natal care, chronic pain etc are some of examples of the injuries that people who suffer with come and see me as well as chronic back pain for example.


I own GEM Holistic Health and Wellness a small private practise with my clinic space in the space I currently live in.

The services I offer are ANF therapy (AminoNeuroFrequency therapy), Acupuncture, Performance screening and Clinical Pilates.

These days ANF therapy is the majority of my practise and I am part of the ANF Academy faculty based in Spain. 


With regards to healing, the body honours a priority system and then a priority system within that.

How safe we feel in the world has a significant impact on our physical health and how we go about living our lives - so emotions trump absolutely everything. When the autonomic nervous system has become tripped into sympathetic nervous system overdrive then we see the body compensate and become injured on many different levels.

Our bodies are designed to self heal and with the right resources the body can maintain its own specific unique or optimal frequency - and then you can never get sick because every illness, bacteria and virus has its ideal frequency range for it to thrive.

After all, if you want to understand the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, vibrations and frequency - Tesla 


How she came into this work:

I actually wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was younger. I kinda fell into the Wellness industry at an early age and have always been in the Wellness industry in some shape and form since. The more I focused on optimal health the more I started seeing the downside to the medical world. Pharmaceuticals. 

When I first came across ANF therapy I really didn’t know much about it but I had a deep seated unexplained pull to explore it … to this day I still can’t explain it but I’m glad I followed my intuition as this therapy has changed my life and many of my clients lives.

Now I travel teaching the therapy to other therapists around the world so that more people can access the care. 


Laurie Laxon (NZ) - renowned thoroughbred trainer. During my jockey apprenticeship there were many things he taught me, the most memorable was ‘don’t wait for it, you gotta make it happen’. 

Lynne Skilton-Hayes (Canada) - International Fitness Presenter …. encouraged my foundations in the Wellness industry when I doubted myself. I went on to represent Canada at the Worlds Sports Aerobics Champs because of her kindness and belief in me.

Chris Broadhurst (Canada) - Athletic therapist for NHL teams for years. now works with Canadian Olympians…was the original guru I worked with when I was in Toronto. I learned so much about managing acute injuries from Chris well before I was qualified as a physiotherapist.

Rob Murray - Athletic trainer (Orlando, FL). Taught me to appreciate movement in the authenticity that it is and how to caress and mold it into a finer example.

Dr Mikel H-G Hoff - Founder of ANF therapy (Spain). Crazy talented man who has taken my clinical practise to the next level and has really inspired me to be more compassionate with myself and those in my space. 


Every day I see peoples lives change in so many ways - whether it’s reducing pain, getting sleep back, restoring energy levels, finding their confidence again…it’s hard not to be excited about the work I am currently doing. 

2019 is a big year for travelling and spreading the ANF therapy so I’m pretty excited about that as well as a healing retreat that is in the works for 2020 where people will be able to clear old shit and raise their overall frequency so that they can have the courage and the energy to stand true and shine.

It’s cutting edge work and I love being on the crest of the wave. 


Holding space to facilitate healing is a massive job - one that I love and am grateful for the gift to do so however at times it is pretty big energies that I deal and so I make sure that I ring fence my own time to do the things that I enjoy, the things that make my soul shine. 

I no longer work long hours. I start my day without an alarm, go walking along the beach with my fur babies and schedule my clients in during times that I choose to be available. 

Although my adrenal exhaustion is now in remission there is still some healing of the restored pathways yet to do and what that experience taught me was to remember to honour my time and give back to myself so that I can then give to others.


Emotional trauma including inner conflict is a common issue that people overlook when dealing with injuries - either acute, chronic or autoimmune. It creates a block in the system and the body refocuses its resources to the defence system - survival mode and then nothing heals.

Slow down enough to hear your own voice. 

Then live true to you - not to the expectations of you. 

Nothing is more damaging to our health than emotional stress.



Self care practice:

Singing and dancing. I sing all day long and will dance whenever I get the chance.

Morning routine:

I keep my phone out of my bedroom after a certain time and then do whatever takes my fancy.

Mornings involve waking up without an alarm and walking on the beach with my fur babies!


Topic you could google/chat about forever:

Star seeds, soul frequencies, philosophy, neuroscience, lymphatics and glymphatics hahaha

Recent act of self care:

I left a marriage that was no longer right for me. As we grow there is a risk we grow apart. It doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side...and I’m grateful for those years. I felt we both deserved more.

Favourite song:

There’s too many! Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks are top favs. Currently favourite songs are: Sisters of the Moon, Storms, Beautiful Child.

Favourite quote:

Everything happens for a reason. Just be present enough to see the signs.

Favourite advice:

Don’t buy other people’s opinions - listen to your own heart.

Don’t let anyone dull your shine - that shits’ on them.

Take the leap - you’re more capable than you can imagine.

Stare in the mirror on a regular basis and really see yourself.

Sing - sing like noones watching.

Dance on the beach - it’s farkin rewarding.

And remember to always ask yourself are you living your best life? 

Show up.

Step up.

You are the keeper 

Favourite colour: 


Favourite animal:


Favourite element:

Fire and Water

Western Astrology signs:

Sun sign: Leo

Rising sign: Pisces

Moon sign: Scorpio

Human Design:

I am a Manifesting Generator with Sacral authority 



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