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Gaia Chinniah


I am able to see your soul for who you were in past lives and who you really are now, where you have been on your souls journey and why you are the way they are in this life.  I am able to see your cells in your body, visit your future and provide guidance on the potential that is seen for you. This information can be reassuring and a revelation.


This unique combination of abilities provides a service for individuals to know more about themselves, receive balance and understanding as well as information to be able to reach your full potential. You don't need to carry what you don't need anymore. My job is to clear it and help you move forward. Those who find me will know what I do. It is all in the experience and the experience is different for everyone.


Healing means acknowledging and knowing who you are truly and being able to work through the repeated patterns you are creating on your own. Healing is having such acute self awareness of where your progress in your evolution is being stifled and healing that part of you.


How she came into this work:

I have always been a driven and goal orientated person. With a Masters Degree in Management and a product distribution company in Asia I was expecting a life as a business woman and not one of a healer. Soul33 was born out of an awakening  I had when I was 33 and grew from there. A gift that allowed me to help people reach their full potential while reaching my own at the same time. This work now takes me all over the world.


My work comes directly from Source, I am just the messenger and get alot of the most indepth information  directly from Source. However on a human level Oprah, Gary Zukav, Dr Brian Weiss have helped me understand this journey of mine and what it means to have a gift to help people on this scale.


I love meeting new clients as it is a real investigation about who they are when you know nothing about them. I am relying solely on Source to give me the key information the client needs to know about their journey on earth. Sometimes the information I receive even surprises me!


I get into the Ocean as many times a week as I can, if for whatever reason I can't I have prepared a blessed salt water spray which I spray myself with after each client. 


Many people are in denial about who they are. They are not ready to hear the truth and therefore keep repeating patterns life after life and suffering in pain because they are not looking into why things are as they are. They are caught up in only using their 5 senses and not looking at the bigger picture. There is always a greater reason for your existence and the challenges you face. Take the time to feel through what your life is, make observations and analyse to change not to critique. That's how true change happens.



Favourite self care practices:

Weekly massages! And Personal training sessions twice a week.

Morning and evening routines: 

I have two showers a day without fail. The one in the evening I visualise the water coming out of the shower head as healing light clearing me of anything that doesn't serve me that I have picked up through the day. I start my day with vedic chants. 

Topic she could google/chat about forever:

Past lives! Fascinating, especially when you join your clients in there lives and you are part of a movie that was once reality for someone.

Most recent act of self care:

I give myself a seaweed face mask a few times a week which I make myself.  Creativity and self care all in one!

Favourite things:

I think people would be surprised to know I love rap which is my natural music of choice, spiritual music, particularly vedic chants and some heavy metal. My friends laugh at the unusual combination that makes Gaia! I love all kinds of music and live concerts and shows. I also love food, cooking, trying new cafes. I don't have a favourite food as I like variety in my diet


Western Astrology: 

Sun sign: Scorpio



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