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Amy Masters


I am a Spiritual guide for woman who are ready for more depth and fulfillment in their life. I can confirm what you already know is possible for you and inspire you to have confidence to take action to step into your happiest life


My purpose is to inspire you to live the life you were born to live as your true, authentic self using ancient spiritual tools and techniques to guide the way.


In-person & online offerings including Clairvoyant readings, Self Discovery packages & Spiritual courses.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and lead a team of Earth Goddesses who are committed to enhancing the lives of conscious beings to improve mind, body and spirit outcomes in a BIG way! Get on touch to learn more about how you can change your life with these precious 'Gifts of the Earth' and add a bow to your soul business xx


Amy's definition:

When we discover our authentic self and our unique gifts we can begin healing our self, our hurts, our story and limiting beliefs we have about our abilities and potential in this life. 

As Louise Hay (AKA founder of self love & self healing) teaches, 'when you heal yourself, you heal the world'. I believe that with my whole heart!


How she came into this work:

Spirituality has been a part of me for my entire life. As a child I wrote my vivid dreams (& astral travel) and as a teenager I began exploring my intuition and connection to spirits with yoga, angel cards, astrology and visiting psychics. As a adult I loved learning spiritual modalities and became a Reiki practitioner, learnt Kinergetics and became a yoga teacher.

It wasn't till I had hit 'rock bottom' that there was no other option but to FULLY step into my 100% authentic self that my true spiritual awakening and actualization began.


Jessica Reid has fully stepped into her soul mission as a Global Clairvoyant and purpose fulfillment coach who teaches woman how to access their intuition, become a light worker and fully step into their purpose. Jessie encouraged and supported me to ‘come out’ as a Clairvoyant and start sharing my gifts with the world!



Emma Mildon is New Zealand's Spiritual Sweetheart and reading her first book 'The Soul Searchers Handbook' open my eyes to the world of the spiritual community and inspired me to share the ancient wisdom of spiritual tools and practices in a light-hearted and tangible way. 


Such inspirational Goddess!!


What I love most about being a Clairvoyant is seeing the person absolutely light up when I confirm their full potential and what they are fully capable of doing (and MEANT to be doing) with their life. When they begin to truly believe that they can make their hopes and dreams a reality it makes me burst with utter excitement, joy and love for them and their journey ahead. 
Working with spirit is the ultimate feeling of purpose and fulfillment for me and these break-through/A-HA moments is what my dreams IS!


The higher our vibration the more positive vibes we get back from the universe. When our vibration is high and we are feeling strong and aligned with our purpose we aren’t on the same energetic frequency or low vibration as ‘negative’ energy. 

However, at times when healing (& as an empath!) it is important to stay cantered within my own energy body and I do that buy visualise the white light glowing brightly from my heart chakra all around my aura. A few times, when in toxic situations or multiple negative energies, I call in the ‘Big Guns’ energy protectors and ask Archangel Michael to wrap his angel wings around me and use Tea Tree and On Guard essential oil to feel safe and supported. 


My soul clients come to me for guidance is discovery their true self and their highest potential. Often, when I share this they know deep down who they are and what it is they should be doing, the biggest block is having the confidence to fulfill their purpose and step onto their soul path without worrying about judgement of others.

Letting go of limiting beliefs is crucial in becoming the true you! Stay true to the vision you have for you own life, that vision is yours to fulfill and you have everything you need within you to make your dreams come true!



Morning and evening routines::

Essential oils are my very first sacred ritual of the day and the very last of the day. 
I set my intention based on how I'd like to feel (energized, uplifted, grounded etc) and then, I either use my essential oil oracle deck or my intuition, to choose an oil that would best serve me in that moment in time.
I love how my emotional and energetic self can instantly embody the unique energy signature of an individual oil and have such an empowering impact in my daily life!

Topic she could google/chat about forever:

Anything to do with spirituality!!

Favourite things:

Song: Depends on my mood & energy! Always Bryan Adams but often uplifting music like.. 
Food: Traditional Mexican!

Beverage: Coffee!

Piece of advice: The dreams and desires you feel deep within are there for a reason. They are a part of your soul's purpose, destiny and the answers to feeling fulfilled in your life. You have everything you need within you to make your dreams your reality so allow your heart to lead the way and enjoy the miracles that unfold along the way! 

Movie: Eat. Pay. Love. It is the ultimate tale of self discovery and bursting out of the box. Can't get enough! 

Book: Does my Angel card guidebook count??

Colour: Green
Animal: My darling Golden Retriever Charlie. They have got to be the happiest creatures in the whole world!
Element: Water is so healing for me as a Pisces


Western Astrology: 

As an Astrologer, this question excites me sooo much! I adore talking about Astrology and knowing our 'Big 3' astrology signs is hugely beneficial in knowing, understanding and embracing who we are.
Sun: Pisces (of course)
Moon: Leo

Rising: Taurus


Website for readings and essential oils:

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