First yoga practice: 

My ballet regime as a child incorporated stretch classes, which inspired me to try some yoga DVDs at home. The DVDs were pretty old-fashioned and hilarious – think 80s aerobics instructor outfits – but I guess they (somewhat) redeem themselves in that they helped me to discover yoga!

Favourite style of yoga:

I love a strong vinyasa class, but at the moment I’m enjoying feeling more fluidity and ease in my practice. Slowing my practice down helps me to relax, reconnect to my body and become more conscious of the quality (or lack of!) of my movement after a busy day.

Favourite travel destination:

Copenhagen. I did a university exchange there and I’ll forever have a soft spot for smorrebrod and stylish Danes...




I think yoga is beneficial for so many different things – it’s hard to choose just one! My current fascination with yoga is noticing how the practice affects my movement off the mat. I love learning about how our bodies move, and how we can move in a way to keep our bodies injury and pain free. The more that I can refine my movement and alignment on the mat, the more any distinction between being “on the mat” and going about my everyday life blurs. “Yoga” might be maintaining my spinal alignment at my desk to avoid compressing into my lower back – which is quite different to your typical downward dog! These little adjustments to, and awareness of, our movements and our posture throughout the day can have a hugely positive effect on the functionality of our bodies in the long term, in particular the musculoskeletal system, and yoga is an excellent way to develop this awareness.


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