Epsom Salt Bath


Just yourself, a bath tub and 1-2 cups of epsom salts (which are incredibly reasonable in price).

Optional additions:

  • Candles

  • Essential oils; my favourites are peppermint oil (for clarity), lavander (for calm) and ylang ylang (for internal balance)

  • If you want to get into a deep meditative state - you could use binaural beats or simply play some chilled music (I prefer not to listen to podcasts or music that is too stimulating)

  • Play with the lighting (I like to use candles as the only form of light)

  • Palo santo and sage smudging can be a nice way to clear the space of negative energy 

Enjoy a warm cup of tea before hand to begin the feeling of "winding down"

Afterwards: To really ramp up circulation - you can hop into a super cold blasting shower. To continue to invigorate and awaken the body and mind - use a body scrub (I love home-made exfoliants using coconut oil as a base with something grainy like coffee grounds, brown sugar or baking soda).


Epsom salt is a mineral compound known as magnesium sulfate. It soothes sore muscles and promotes deep relaxation. 

Bathing in epsom salts means the body can quickly absorb magnesium sulfate through the skin - similar to swimming in the ocean. It is especially important to find magnesium sulfate supplements these days as we no longer get an adequate amount through food alone (due to agriculture processes leaching the soil of its essential minerals, as well as the ingestion of certain processed foods and medications causing imbalances in our systems).  


  1. There is nothing more relaxing than stepping into the warmth of a hot bath

  2. Let yourself totally indulge in this experience

  3. The epsom salts relieve tension, flush toxins and leave the skin feeling super smooth

  4. I wouldn't recommend staying longer than 20 minutes in order to prevent lethargy and headaches

  5. Ensure you hyrdrate well afterwards

Mmmm so chill!

This is a total treat for my body - especially if I have built up tension through the week - whether through repetitive movement, poor sleeping patterns or mental stress. It actually transports me back to childhood as I used to have baths all the time - which makes me forget my "adult" worries!! My muscles feel so relieved afterwards it's like I've had one of these treatments. Sometimes during a bath I have listened to deep imaginings from these unblocked workshops and because my body has been in a relaxed state I've been able to tap into my deep subconscious mind a lot quicker. When your body feels safe to relax - there is an ease to your thinking processes and you may find some of your best ideas or realisations come up. Clarity, ease and rejuvenation are just one bath away... 

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