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Later there will be opportunities to look at your own life and take note of any struggles and successes going on - from big to small, noticing where you feel stuck and where you feel flow. You will begin to notice personal PATTERNS showing up.

NB: Our early childhood years and pubescent years are the times that our brain is changing and developing and so beliefs about "pleasure" and "pain" that are formed during these years often have a greater hold on our future patterning.


Samskaras are simply the impressions left in the subconscious from experience. Those that are pleasurable give rise to likes/desires; those that are painful give rise to dislikes/fears. 

Samskara are the impressions that are left on one’s psyche from one’s past experiences. They are not the memory of every detail of the experience, but rather the general sense of pleasure or pain associated with any given object/experience.

sometimes our intuition is familiar feeling -that is actually based on external stimuli but the samskara being triggered might not be helpful - and the intellect needs to be consulted to see things in their true context 

Intuition and Intellect... HOW YOU CAN SEE IT IN YOGA


Imagine coming into a familiar yoga pose/ a way of brushing your teeth. The first breath in that pose is the habit/ first motion you take is the habit/ the familiar. The body knows the motions as it has been there there before

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