AWARENESS (listening)

ACCEPTANCE (welcoming - compassion)


ACTION (doing - courage)

The surface is the first to receive any external force [from which a reaction will occur]... and then that force travels inside...making a deeper impression [from which a reaction will occur]. That impression will either reinforce existing impressions/ pathways and thus create even more momentum in the existing undercurrent OR if it is a different kind of ripple - it may be able to create a gentle shift in the existing current [but will be met with resistance]. You can expect that ripples NOT in sync with the current systems will be met with resistance.

 That is because this new force does not fit the filter/ the existing programmes.

REPETITION is important.

Truth - How the subconscious communicates:

Our SUBCONSCIOUS mind is constantly processing data. It communicates to the CONSCIOUS mind via emotions, feelings, sensations, reflexes, images and dreams. It has an affect on the conscious mind and what we accept to believe as true or false.

While the SUBCONSCIOUS does not communicate in words directly - there are ways to find words for its messages.  Free flow writing, journalling, and verbalising feelings can be very therapeutic and often help identify messages flowing from the SUBCONSCIOUS through to the CONSCIOUS mind. You can also tune into the SUBCONSCIOUS through FEELINGS...which is why the CHAKRAS are important....

To truly process experiences and let them flow through the body - we must FEEL the associated emotions (FEEL to FREE). 



The chakras provide links and indications about your subconscious beliefs 

Everything happening on this Earth plane - the things, people and relationships showing up are a physical manifestation of the beliefs housed inside.

... So whatever is happening in your life right now is simply a trail of clues for you to investigate what is going on internally.

How to approach

By embarking on this programme you have gifted yourself a very important PAUSE in which you can take stock and uncover TRUTH about your personal patterns/ SAMSKARAS and the beliefs that trigger these patterns....

You may already have a good idea of your personal patterns and beliefs but through practices offered in this programme that tune into your subconscious, please be open AS new information may come to the light of consciousness. In this light, you get to decide where and how you are going to interrupt the PATTERNS. You can use practices offered in this programme to place you on a path to create genuine change in your life.



1) STOCK TAKETaking stock of habits/ personal tendencies/ patterns in situations/ people/ places/ feelings/ emotions (noticing triggers)

blocks/ flow

2) INVESTIGATION: Why are we behaving like this? Is there a limiting belief at the root

... you could ask the subconscious to show you the memory that created this belief in the first place....

(nidra/ drop backs)

3) ACCEPTANCE (compassion)

Look at list of beliefs that "sting"



In order to become a magnet for everything you desire, that serves your highest good, you must be courageous and compassionate toward yourself. 

The aim of the game is to weed out the destructive beliefs that repel your manifestation desires and build up the self-serving beliefs that attract your manifestation desires.



- real life action on Earth and also subconscious reprogramming through nidra and visualisation (intentional meditation)


Here you get to take a personal stocktake (Svadhyaya):

The content of your chakras is largely determined by PATTERNING in emotions, thoughts, behaviours and  (Samskaras).

VIDEO: so you can notice in your own life - literally what you have showing up in your life today - the ways you feel and think and behave - and the kind of situations and people you attract - will reflect There will be patterns in the ways you behave and think - because that's part of human nature. But some of these patterns are destructive and some beneficial. Patterns show up

PATTERNS stem from BELIEFS that are a result of MEMORIES.


There are many ways to discover personal PATTERNS:

Deepak Chopra so beautifully articulated "if you want to know your mind in the past, take a look at your body now, if you want to know your body in the future, look at your mind now."

The body can often be a great starting place for taking stock - as it is the most solidified version of our energy body.

As the practices get more and more subtle - and we get more and more still through meditation, relaxation and nidra - we are able to tap into those alpha and theta wave states.


video on MIND


So in our daily lives -in our waking state, we are predominantly in a beta brain waves. As we drift off to sleep, the dominating brain waves slow down to theta and alpha waves until we fall asleep and experience delta brain waves. And then it all occurs in reverse order as we wake naturally.


This is why it is common for people to report feeling highly creative in the early mornings as they wake and right before they drift off to sleep. 

AND if you follow the structure set out in this programme, you'll notice the practices are suggested to be done in the morning and evening for this very reason.


So the idea [yogic practices - asana, meditation and nidra are designed] is to still the fluctuations of the mind by completely removing all the little triggers and patterns and waves that stem from the bottom of the ocean. Or at the least if you don't wish to create stillness - to ensure the waves are fun waves to ride and ones that bring joy (MAGNETS).


When you have to focus on breath, balance and alignment - the conscious mind is distracted - and is required to be present - not thinking about events of the day.


Meditative states are simply focussed/ concentrated states (flow states). During yogic meditation you may have a focus - like the breath, a mantra or a visualisation. You build your awareness "muscle" every time you notice the mind wandering and you and pull it back to a focus, in the same way you build your biceps muscle by pulling your lower arm toward your upper arm. Practice and repetition is the way to build strength and skill.

Yoga/ Promotional content?


Through yoga practices we begin to slow the brain waves - and they get slower as we move progressively from physical movement through to a very still and meditative state. Theta and alpha waves are dominant - the body and mind is in very open and receptive state. It is the perfect opportunity to set your intention and visualise it manifesting. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between reality and non-reality so when you begin to believe it at a subconscious level - your actions on the conscious level will start to reflect that.


Visualisation at this deeper level is so important as it allows the body to FEEL it and experience it as if it were true and so it believes it is possible. There is a difference between saying "I can do anything" and actually feeeeeeeling that while you think it/say it aloud. 


You hear a knock at the door 

You can answer it 

"Hello I am triggered"


you can look at the person in the door eye to eye

and it's important to welcome him/ her in and hear what they have come to show you or tell you about your past, present and future

You can offer them a cup of tea - and then decide if they can take up space in your home or whether it is time to show them the door

to thank them for the message.

if you do not open the door

they will come again 

and again

maybe they will send a different messenger

but they will come

until you listen, welcome and respond

You see when we let in the unknown - we are building a new neural pathway

it's not always comfortable 

especially if its well outside the comfort zone

PROMO: and include briefly at top of each chakra page

AWARENESS - willingness to listen

FEELINGS give us clues as to our current programming - notice where you get triggered or respond emotionally to something - this REACTIVITY = shows there is something being aggravated beneath the surface 

The energy body = our ROADMAP... where we can explore

Once you recognise blocks ... you can look deeper (can be assisted in this in part 2 or sessions) - and then acknowledge what the memory is to create a limiting belief.

ACCEPTANCE - willingness to welcome

 Accept all the "ugly"/ hidden parts of us - embrace them own them and see their beauty - just like the shadows that exist in the full moon even when it is beaming bright. 

ACCEPTANCE of the shadow removes it's sting/ power (sometimes it needs to be freed up through a little bit more FEELING- to really let it go ... sometimes to truly let it go - it's forgiveness/ compassion/ letting out anger --- and then showing up in LIFE differently - ask the subconscious how/ where/ what if you cannot cognitively decide - it can be unrelated but just owning your worth)

ACTION - willingness to do

And then rewire those thought patterns through intention setting in yogic practices and action steps out in the world.

Visualise/ sense/ feel the opposite e.g freedom, love

focussing on positive is more effective than negative for subconscious and unconscious ---> this is why sankalpa/ intention is phrased in positive present tense because it shows the subconscious it is true and held in fact

- whatever you desire - it exists inside - you are simply awakening to this truth

You have to power to create new neural pathways and reinforce by repetition = with the  yoga asana, meditation, nidra and personalised DARES 

By reinforcing new patterns, you cause the the old and destructive neural pathways to become obsolete and you take on new magnetic patterning.

REMEMBER the subconscious communicated through FEELINGS so the ENERGY BODY/ chakras/ subtle body is a great place to decode/ find answers

how it all works:

Feelings... are the most potent for creating beliefs and by that same token are the wheels of manifestation.

alpha/theta - Yogic practices - asana, meditation and nidra are designed to bring the fluctuations of the mind into stillness.

Along with the possibility of being able to tap into the subconscious and rewire it's programming, there are a multitude of other benefits of experiences these lower frequency brain waves such as heightened creativity, intuition, problem solving abilities, focus, emotional sensitivity, and physical regeneration due to the stress release. These are not simply felt during meditation - the effects ripple through into daily life.



The content of the subconscious can be altered most effectively when we are in an ALPHA (calm consciousness) and THETA (hypnotic) state. We can also create shifts in the subconscious in a BETA (alert) state...

Through yoga practices we begin to slow the brain waves - and they get slower as we move progressively from physical movement through to a very still and meditative state. Theta and alpha waves are dominant - the body and mind is in very open and receptive state. It is the perfect opportunity to set your intention and visualise it manifesting. 


When you have to focus on breath, balance and alignment - the conscious mind is distracted - and is required to be present - not thinking about events of the day.

Meditative states are concentrated states that decrease fluctuations of the mind. Often guided meditations bring you to focus on something - it may be the breath, a mantra, or a visualisation. The moment you notice your mind wandering off focus, you pull your awareness back in, just as you would pull your bicep in during a bicep curl. This action of pulling the mind back into focus, builds the awareness muscle.

Rewire Process

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