The CHAKRA System

Understanding the chakra system is like placing a yogic lens on human psychology and provides a map for self-study (Svadhyaya).


A chakra is a swirling wheel of life-giving energy.

There are 7 main chakras in the that run down the central axis of the body.

Each chakra has a purpose.



















You can visualise your own chakra system like 7 whirlpools that exist along a river. Ideally we want each whirlpool to be flowing freely, so that the river flows smoothly. If one whirlpool becomes stagnant or overactive, this has a flow on effect down the line.

The body-mind system is in constant flux between balance and imbalance. Life experiences and the meanings we attach to them (i.e. painful or pleasurable) impact our belief systems. The chakras are an energetic representation of belief systems.

You can visualise life events like objects that sometimes fall in the river, causing disruption in the whirlpools (known as chakra imbalances). We are able rebalance the chakras by clearing out any destructive beliefs, like removing an unwanted object out of a whirlpool.

Sometimes it takes some time to clear everything out - maybe there are traces of that object left behind and so we need to really be persistent with the filtering process. In other cases, we may need to replenish the whirlpool's water supply because it has been polluted. In this programme, the yoga, meditation and nidra will offer a replenishing and filtering process. 


Excess = Excessive energy generation from one chakra and/or excessive need to receive energy in one chakra.

Example: Manipulation of situations to increase personal power or to meet sexual needs can indicate excesses in the lower chakras.

Deficiency =  Inability to generate energy from one chakra and/or inability to receive energy in one chakra.

Example: Tendency to avoid or close off in relationships can suggest deficiencies in the heart or sacral chakra..


The key to unblock, move, and transform your energy – so that you can reach your highest mental, physical, and spiritual potential – is simple: AWARENESS.

Awareness opens a door to the possibility of change.

CHAKRAS belong in the PRANAMAYA KOSHA - the ENERGETIC layer of the body.

This layer is the perfect place to initiate change because it is not as dense and solidified as the physical layer but it can nonetheless be felt and sensed. Changes in the ENERGETIC layer will have a flow on effect to all the other layers - physical, mental, intellectual and bliss layers

Let's get a little more familiar with the chakra system



In this meditation we will systematically purify, rebalance and awaken each chakra individually and then the system as a whole.

Different colours have traditionally been associated with certain chakras but you are welcome to visualise whatever colour resonates with you. Lower chakras vibrate at lower frequencies. As we move up the energy shifts from gross to subtle and radiates at a slightly higher frequency.

Intention/ can rub palms together land hands where it needs healing

In the chakra workshops there will be opportunity to investigate personal belief systems.


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