Your brain transitions between different brain wave frequencies as you transition between different states of consciousness:


You can view your brain like an ocean.



Beta Brain Waves

The conscious mind is like the surface of an ocean - with thoughts and brain waves moving rapidly and changeably.

Humans operate in a conscious state for the majority of their waking hours. Beta brain waves are dominant at this time. 

Just as ripples on the ocean surface change direction because of currents below (internal forces) and winds above (external forces) - our conscious thoughts result from internal and external forces.

Internal forces =  inner sensations, memories, emotions and beliefs

External forces = input received via the senses from our environment, peers, media, family and society.

When we PAUSE we are able to respond as opposed to react to these internal and external stimuli. Yogic practices build our capacity to do this as we practice noticing our thoughts instead of becoming involved in them.



Alpha/ Theta Brain Waves

The subconscious mind is like the undercurrents of the ocean. When the subconscious is forward, the brain waves are much slower. The undercurrent of an ocean is not seen from the surface but it has a big influence on the surface ripples.


Our subconscious beliefs might not be clear to us in a conscious state, but they directly influence the way we behave and think. Just as undercurrents of the ocean have momentum and force, greater than the ripples on the surface, subconscious beliefs are not only very powerful but they also a little harder to change and shift than thoughts. However it is possible to shift beliefs with persistent attention. We have an opportunity to do exactly that in this programme!

During yoga asana, meditation and nidra the brain shifts into alpha and theta wave state and becomes a lot more open and receptive to suggestion.



Delta Brain Waves

Delta brain waves are the slowest. You can imagine them like slow, steady, pulsations from the depths of the ocean floor.

These pulsations have an inevitable and continuous influence on the surface fluctuations but are not visible.

The unconscious mind is like the underground storage unit for all our memories, habits, behaviours and deep seated emotions that have been programmed since birth.

Unconscious programmes provide us with survival mechanisms. They are not simply operating when we are asleep or comatose. they are always working but our conscious mind is not aware. Like deep ocean floor pulsations - these programmes are not easily accessed or shifted. In a delta brain wave state we can start to access the unconscious mind.

Delta brain waves are the lowest frequency achievable and produce a state of deep sleep, and lack of body awareness. In yoga nidra, the aim is to hover just above sleep and so this is the practice that comes the closest in contact to the unconscious realms.


So what goes on below the surface is IMPORTANT. You want the undercurrents of your ocean a.k.a your BELIEFS - to support your manifestation goals. 

It is possible!

Any uncomfortable sensations, unwanted patterns and hardships showing up in your life are indications that there are some undercurrents you might like to change...

It is possible!

Yoga asana can be a great way to clear away physical tension and focus the conscious mind on sensation and breath so that it's less likely to wander.

As you move progressively from physical movement into still and meditative states the brainwaves will slow

SO TO CREATE CHANGE BELOW THE SURFACE... we will bring the brain into alpha/ theta wave state through yogic practices - in particular:

Meditation + Nidra

The aim is to communicate with the SUBCONSCIOUS and begin to REWIRE negative limiting belief patterns/ samskaras.

The SUBCONSCIOUS communicates through FEELINGS = so the chakras are a good exploratory system!

Brain Waves

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