Welcome, my name is Hannah.

In 2016 a little message from my soul knocked on the door and said "time to start a blog". Tentatively, I voiced this plan to a few trusted friends. Within a month of saying it aloud and letting the Universe know I was ready - I found myself in a place that was offering a blogging workshop. I drafted my first post on a flimsy piece of paper, under a tree in a park. Nature has always been the place I open up. And voila HANNAH YOGA AND SOUL was born.

 With this website my intention is to GIVE. Give material things? Maybe. More importantly, I plan to give more of ME in my truest essence. Being authentic is the best gift we can give to the world and our greatest spiritual assignment. Our biggest hurts are felt when our authentic selves are rejected. I'd much rather risk the hurt and learn about myself in the process than sit around think "what if?"


For too long I've been hiding behind my well known pal Procrastination. So off I set on this journey to listen to and deliver soul felt messages - through pieces of writing on the blogyoga classesonline programmes, events​, retreats, , meditations, and whatever else my soul dreams to create. 

In GIVING more of ME I hope I can inspire YOU to share and GIVE more of your true self because that's what we are destined to do. 


H xxxx

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