Hi, My name is Chantal, I am in my late 30's and feel like to date, lets just say my life has not been easy breezy. I believe that its just in my constitution that I am one of those souls that tends to take on a good old fashion challenge by my subconscious, but to be honest they are not always welcome. 

Treating myself means:

Going for a massage

Favourite style of yoga:

Vinyasa flow

Favourite yoga pose:

Pigeon pose

Favourite beverage:


Favourite song:

Cranes in the sky by Solange 

Favourite quote:

"You've got this"

Favourite travel destination:



Animals are my true passion



One of the most profound experiences that I have ever had during a yoga session when I was at Gwingana. For those of you who don't know Gwingana is a luxurious health resort in Queensland, Australia. Anyway I was in the volunteer program on my 4th week for the 6 week program and a new week and another 2 new volunteers arrive. New vollies start with a new spirit that you seem to loose on the 5th week after being at the beck and call of the rich and famous. 


Never the less, it was that week that a new quiet but reserved volunteer came to the centre, she was always super sweet and very quiet and when she told me she was a yogateacher I was on the job, so the begging began.... the offering to do odd jobs.... the attempts to butter her up with humour and then the day arrived, a note under my room door. "Chantal, yoga in the pavillion at 6pm, would love to see you there'. So off I trot, wasn't expecting much she was young and i was being judgy cause she didn't look the hippy/hardcore yoga type i had come to experience when doing yoga, so yeh I had low level expectations.


The yoga pushed me to my limits, the assists, the flow, the practice moved me so much I finished in tears.


My teacher that day was HANNAH CRERAR. This girl is legit. I have not been paid to write this, I am just a regular gal who had a profound experience with a teacher that has a true gift.




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