First yoga practice: 

My first experience of yoga was 8 years ago when I was at university. I'd never considered myself to be a 'sporty' person and I made that mean that all forms of movement were just not enjoyable for me. How wrong I was. Yoga was the first thing that really connected me to my mind and body and I totally fell in love. Movement is now an absolute cornerstone of my life and one of the things that takes me to the highest level of happiness and flow. 

Favourite style of yoga:

My favourite style of yoga is strong yet feminine and super flowy. I love to feel as though I'm dancing through my yoga practice. The total body awareness that yoga requires, coupled with absolute presence, a great soundtrack and a delicious, dance-like sequence leads to a yoga experience that is a taste of pure heaven on earth. 

Favourite yoga pose:

Right now I'm in love with vasisthasana (side plank) variations and transitions. There are so many cool ways to move in and out of this pose and it feels so damn good in my body!

Favourite song:

My favourite yoga track is currently Nectar Drop by DJ Drez. It's crazy good vibes.

Favourite quote:

Quotes inspire me on the daily but I'm also obsessed with the power of a great question. One of my favourites to ask myself in almost any situation is "what am I pretending not to know?" We're so good at shutting down what we know to be true deep down by overriding it with our thoughts and mind chatter. It's so often as a result of not listening to our intuition that we get ourselves into situations that don't serve us. Asking this question cuts through the bullshit that we tell ourselves and gets down to the essence of our inner wisdom, and once we stare the truth right in the face it's hard to ignore.



I'm ridiculously passionate about human beings and our potential. We are absolutely incredible. The thing that makes me really sad is that most of us spend so much time telling ourselves that we are not good enough. Not smart/skinny/strong/rich/pretty/flexible/ready/old/young enough. Not from the right background. Don't have the right qualifications. The truth is we are all so goddam beautiful. We are only limited in our power by our own minds and the limiting beliefs we carry around with us. 


The thing I'm dedicated to is helping people to let go of these beliefs that are holding them back so they can see the truth of who and what they really are. I believe that if everyone in this world could stop using their energy to reinforce their negative self-beliefs, and start using their energy to focus on loving themselves and others, we would be able to solve the world's biggest problems and truly change the world. 




Yoga has been a really powerful vessel in waking me up to my own beauty, power and strength, which has unlocked a level of happiness and fulfilment in my life that I never realised was attainable. The purpose of exercise is to strengthen and move the body. The practice of meditation is to develop the strength to have focus and discipline, and be peacefully within ourselves. Yoga is where these two combine, and this union is super powerful! 


Yoga requires focus and discipline to breathe calmly through the juicy burn that we feel when we hold certain asana, and to find comfort in the discomfort. Through repeating this process on the mat and feeling it in our physical bodies, we are better able to take this skill with us when we leave our mats to deal with the juicy burns that life gives us with more ease and grace and less suffering. For me, realising that I can take on, work through and be successful at things that I previously classed as 'hard' or 'stressful' has led me to see that I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was. Yoga has opened my mind and led me to think bigger, aim higher, raise my bar, set higher standards and achieve more than I thought was possible in less time, and with greater happiness. 

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