Bas (Bastiaan)


Fist yoga practice:

My first ever yoga experience was a 2hr session followed by a Hare Krishna meal at the loft 4 years ago. It wasn't until my partner at the time took me to one of Kylie Rooks hot yoga classes that I was starting to feel I needed more of this in my life.

Treating myself means:

A good nights sleep followed by a morning yoga session. With a maca, cacao, bee pollen, banana soaked oats topped with fresh berries, nut butter, cardamon, coconut yoghurt and roasted nut medley.

Favourite yoga style and pose:

I really enjoy a strong vinyasa flow in the morning. I like the high intensity to wake up and start the day

Favourite snack:

Little bird RockyRoad slice is ridiculous...

Favourite song:

Pretty tricky question...I listened to this track a lot last year, Amen Dunes - Calling Paul Suffering

But the album by Nils Frahm - Tag Eins Tag Zwei is beautiful to relax to.

Favourite quote:

8 years ago I travelled to Peru and learning about the Incan life really impressed me. They had a greeting / saying that goes.
"Do not Lie, Do not Steal, Don't be lazy" 

I thought that was a pretty solid mantra to go by so I've made it a life goal to apply this as much as I can. 

Favourite travel destination:

I was amazed by Oman when I went there last year, the middle east is like nowhere else, very beautiful and mysterious. I'm returning again in March to continue a photo project and explore more of their culture.

Interested in:

I would love to buy a Ukelele and start practicing.


Yoga has given me energy and mental clarity to pursue my hectic life as a freelance photographer in the best physical and mental state possible.
It makes me feel sharper and light, it's such a boost. Pretty hard to describe without sounding overly profound.

Being in the ocean is the only other way I can get close to this kinda of feeling so when I don't get to do this, it's been incredible to have another way to get that.

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