Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy


With Gem; of Evolve Integrated Health NZ



DEPRESSION IN OUR MINDS – creates depression/ compression in our systems (a flattening)


Emotional UPLIFT – literally UPLIFTS the spine/ system


Our emotions emit a frequency


When your conversation begins this way – you know you’ve found a healer on your vibe


It starts with Emotions then Lymph… then moves through a few others to Gut and then Nerves


I have a whole lot of lymph system flushing to do – nerve pain inflammation around – lymph nodes in my legs – ankles, back of knees, inner thighs, groin,  pancreas, liver, small and large intestine, and around my cranium (base of skull), optic nerve area



  1. Getting over some nerves and feelings of vulnerability and discomfort.

  2. A trip to Wellington (one of my favourite cities in the WORLD).

  3. A visit to the Beginner Yogi Studio.

  4. Sitting down in a chair facing towards Tash (she welcomes you into the space, makes you feel relaxed and super comfortable before sitting you down to do the healing).

  5. Verbalising to Tash an intention for the healing. She gives her clients time to think about this in the weeks before the healing... My intention was to have the COURAGE to let myself be SEEN for who I TRULY am (kind of a big ask).

  6. Getting grounded by closing your eyes and focussing on your breath. Tash grounds herself and then asks you to open your eyes when you are ready. 

  1. No words just sustained eye contact for around 5 -7 minutes (YES blinking is allowed).

  2. After being invited to close your eyes, sitting there, again focussing on the breath.

  3. Re-opening your eyes and choosing whether you wish to receive feedback from Tash about messages she received while she was acting as a channel.


Soooo you might be curious what it feels like during those 5 – 7 minutes of sustained eye contact…



It kind of happened in waves:

Initially I was actually quite calm. And then thoughts popped into my mind like “ohhh… sweet I am going to hold it together …great.” And then I don’t know what the actual timeframe was that it took for me to surrender but after a period of sitting with this calmness, my heart started to pound and then surges of energy started to wave through my body. And as you may have guessed… there were tears.


It’s like I could see the wave of emotion coming before it actually hit in my body. With the tears, came this feeling of space being cleared and it felt like my chest area was expanding and expanding.


And then it all kind of evaporated. There were gigges and calmness again. And then we sat for a wee while and I thought it was all over… until again I sensed this wave coming. It kind of entered through my belly button, rose up my chest and then the crying happened again.


Afterwards the feedback I received from Tash about what she had felt was SO relevant and insightful. One month later and her words still ring true and act as a reminder about the path I am on.



The best news – she is doing them FREE once a month in Wellington - check out her page here.

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