The Crown Chakra is a place of spirituality.

It is located around the cerebral cortex.

When in balance, one experiences open-mindedness, spiritual connection and a deep understanding of life.

In life, are you open to spirituality or have you experienced moments of spiritual connection? Do you feel a connection to a higher power? Do you feel a sense of purpose beyond yourself? How much of your self worth belongs in material items? Are you aware of your own belief systems? Have you spent time focussing inwardly - perhaps questioning the root of your beliefs? Do you find it easy or difficult to reach a meditative state?

Much of the healing work with this chakra involves letting go of attachments, freeing oneself from the shackles of material ties (people, places, objects) and releasing negative limiting self beliefs. Consistent inward focussed practices such as meditation, prayer or daily silence lead to an expanded spiritual awareness.

A balanced Crown Chakra is your source of enlightenment. It connects you to your higher self, every being on the planet and the Universe as a whole.

This chakra is subtle in nature and requires a lot of introspection to get a sense of it's existence. Once open, it will provide you with an incredibly expansive worldview, heightened perceptivity, and an ability to intelligently process and analyse information from earthly and spiritual sources. 

Function: Awareness, Spirituality, Understanding

Counterforce: Attachment

Element: Thought

Right: To know

Orientation to self: Self-knowledge

IMBALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • excess: spiritual addiction, overly analytical, confusion, dissociated from body

  • deficient: uninspired, aimless, difficulty meditating or being still with oneself, sense of loneliness excessive materialism, greed, rigid beliefs 

  • physical: exhaustion, sensitivity to light and sounds, poor sleep, migraines, tension headaches, 

IN BALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • harmony: ability to perceive, analyse, assimilate information, open-minded, questioning, spiritually connected, wise


MEDITATION - - I am guided by inner wisdom. The world is my teacher.

AFFIRMATION: I honour the divine within me and all living things

HEAL: I connect to the Divine/ universe/ higher power/ God


What are you holding onto? What are you attached to?

Is there something on the earthly plane you feel you cannot let go? Does your worth reside in things/ people/ belongings/ places?

Recognise your innate value. Without all your things - you remain worthy of love.

Visualise letting go - of all things

Allow pure cosmic energy to enter your being and flow within and beyond you 

Open yourself up to the mystery...

Connect to infinite space and possibility around you

Sense your consciousness expand




If overactive = pull energy down through earthing OR other lower 3 practices




Dhyana Mudra = Left hand in lap, palm up, Right hand on top, palm up, Tips of thumbs touching lightly

Meditate on opening the crown chakra

AFFIRMATION: I honour the divine within me and all living things

HEAL: I connect to the Divine/ universe/ higher power/ God

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