The Third Eye Chakra is a place of inner wisdom, insight and intuition.

It is located around the forehead, brow, carotid plexus and third eye.

 When this chakra is in balance the mind works in intuitive, perceptive and imaginative ways.

In life, are you inspired? Do you have a clear vision of future goals? Do you make decisions with conviction or do you feel you are often indecisive? Do you feel strong in your choices, trusting your own inner guide?  In social situations can you bring a wise perspective? Are you able to see others' points of view? Do you allow yourself to think creatively and imaginatively? If so are you able to take action on these creative thoughts?

Much of the healing work with this chakra involves letting go of delusional thought and mind fog. It requires clearing useless and debilitating thoughts that often stem from lower chakra imbalances. 

When this chakra is strengthened and opened you will feel you can trust your inner guide. Your intuition is like a "sixth sense" (and it is the sixth chakra). Pay attention to your hunches or the subtle feelings that move you forward or hold you back from certain situations. (you will start to decipher whether the hunches are intuition or fear). When you listen to your intuition you will be rewarded. When you are rewarded you begin to trust your intuition more and more. So start listening IN. 

A balanced Third Eye Chakra allows you to see the wood for the trees and when expanded and open allows you to manifest your vision!

Function: Intuition, Imagination

Counterforce: Illusion

Element: Light

Right: To see, to want

Orientation to self: Self-reflection

IMBALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • excess: hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, concentration difficulties, nightmares, indecisive??

  • deficient: insensitive, uninspired, poor vision, poor memory, unable to visualise future, lack of imagination, denial in situations, conservative and rigid thought patterns, "narrow minded", "short-sighted" 

  • physical: problems with vision, headaches, sleeping issues

IN BALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • harmony: intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, good dream recall, symbolic thinking, ability to visualise


MEDITATION - - I have clarity of mind. I am inspired, intuitive, insightful. 

AFFIRMATION: I follow the wisdom of my intuition. I understand the true meaning of life situations.

HEAL: I trust my intuition

(VISUALISE the ACTION steps you need to take to bring creative ideas to life)


Where do you feel separate from life? What illusions are holding you back?

The greatest illusion that exists is that we are separate

everything is energy and we are all one in the same

You can release the idea that we are divided - everything is connected

you have the ability to attune to the collective consciousness

All elements are part of a whole

Use the element of LIGHT to illuminate the darker parts - to see clearly what you need to see. It may start of small, an image, a word, a colour or simply empty space, if it is dark see if you can begin to shift the shade a touch lighter, notice sensations, and remain the witness

Trust you are seeing what you need to

And if there is a sensation - you can ask the subconscious what it is suggesting to you.

Open yourself to the wisdom within.




To calm an overactive third eye chakra - draw energy down with Earth practice

To connect with third eye chakra - bring tips of ALL fingers to touch in Hakini Mudra and meditate



MUDRA = Hakini = Bring tips of ALL fingers to touch



AFFIRMATIVE vision = powerful magnet 

(overactive = pull energy down through earthing practices)

AFFIRMATION: I follow the wisdom of my intuition. I understand the true meaning of life situations

HEAL: I trust my intuition



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