The Throat Chakra is a place of communication, integrity and self expression.

It is located around the throat and pharyngeal plexus.

You are able to express yourself with clear intent when this chakra is in balance. 

In life, are you able to clearly communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings. How trustworthy are you with your word? Are you able to let creation inside be brought to fruition in the outer world through clear communication. Do you feel confident speaking up? Are you comfortable listening to others? Do you find yourself twisting the truth in situations to appear a certain way. Is there an underlying fear that keeps you from speaking the truth?

Much of the healing work with this chakra involves recognising where we are lying to ourselves and to others. Allow your true voice to be heard. Reclaim your voice and recognise its importance.  

.. notice if your voice changes depending on the situation (can you bring consistency - by staying TRUE to your authenticity)

No chakra works in isolation. Open and balanced lower chakras, prepare the throat chakra to communicate gracefully and freely. Work on the Root, Sacral and Solar plexus chakras allows an individual to overcome fears and recognise their innate worth and personal power. A balanced heart chakra allows the individual to connect in to what is true in their heart. These elements allow the throat chakra to function effectively - communicating from a place of love and self-worth. 

A balanced Throat Chakra allows you to speak your personal truth with ease and oppeness and communicate well with the world.

Let your sound be heard. We each have a note to play.

Function: Communication, Truth, Creativity

Counterforce: Lies

Element: Sound

Right: To speak and be heard

Orientation to self: Self-expression

IMBALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • excess: over talkative, fearful of silence, poor listener, gossiper

  • deficient: fear of speaking, weak voice, difficulty articulating feelings, shy, poor rhythm

  • physical: problems in throat, ears, voice, neck, tightness of jaw

IN BALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • harmony: resonant voice, clear communication good listener, good sense of rhythm


MEDITATION - - My voice is necessary and worthy

AFFIRMATION: I express myself with grace and integrity. I communicate effectively with everyone I meet

HEAL: I speak my truth


What lies are you telling yourself? What are you hiding from? 

What does your truth say to you?

It is another protective mechanism to lie for fear of rejection, hurt, shame, exclusion

You cannot lie about your own nature

You must accept your truth

You are free to verbalise your needs, desires and opinions... visualise what this feels like..

You are powerful beyond measure - feel the hum of your being that vibrates from a deep place inside - let it out so that you can clear and express the creations inside that desire to be heard. Through shedding lies and seeing what is reality you are able to hold space for others more effectively.

Create space right now and listen - what is being communicated to you from a higher source. Have faith in yourself and understand your own ideas so that you can express from a truthful place.




Balance, Calm, Spaciousness

Radiating out in all directions energetically in each pose (more subtle)

SMOOTH movements

open throat

Ustrasana (camel)

Matsyasana (fish)

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge)

Neck stretches

Keep natural curvature of neck in postures - sides of neck should feel lengthened and supported

upper palate and sides of neck shift to the back plane of the body

Lift crown of head


Ujayi breathing (Jalandhara Bandha on inhalation retention)



Mudra (for space/ ether)= Aakash mudra = tip of middle fingers to touch thumb

Awareness to base of the neck (throat chakra)

INHALE imagine your consciousness as a stream of golden light flowing down from crown of head to throat chakra - illuminating it a vibrant glowing blue

maintain awareness at the throat as you exhale and relax

INHALE- take a gentle full yogic breath - all the way into abdomen. After inhalation close the epiglottis at the base of your throat (Jalandhara Bandha) - retain for a few seconds - release and exhale - relax. 

10 cycles of breath

Relax and observe

AFFIRMATION: I express myself with grace and integrity. I communicate effectively with everyone I meet

HEAL: I speak my truth

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