The Heart Chakra is the bridge, connecting our inner world with the outer world.

It is located around the chest, heart and cardiac plexus.

 All humans are hardwired to seek love and connection. It is imperative for our survival. We give and receive love through the heart centre.

In life, how do you show yourself love? How do you show up in social settings; in friendships, family relationships and in intimate relationships?

Can you see any patterns in the way you perceive yourself or others? 

What kind of relationships do you attract? 

 Is it easy for you to be vulnerable and open in another's presence?

Relationships are our best mirrors and they provide the context for our shadows (parts of the Self we haven't yet accepted and owned) to show up. Often we are triggered by behaviour and actions of others because on some level we recognise an aspect ourself in them that we are not willing to acknowledge. This can require a bit of a deep search and takes time.

A balanced Heart Chakra allows you to feel love and be loved. 

Much of the healing work with this chakra involves letting go of grief, allowing yourself to feel loss and sadness so that heavy emotions can lift off your chest. We often learn to numb our delicate hearts as a result of past have rejection or loss. This protection mechanism closes off our ability to give and receive love. The heart chakra functions optimally when it is open and free and airy.

Function: Love, Relationships

Counterforce: Grief

Element: Air

Right: To love and be loved

Orientation to self: Self-acceptance

IMBALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • excess: poor boundaries, demanding, clingy, jealous, co-dependent, self-sacrificing

  • deficient: anti-social, critical, judgmental of self and others, depressed, lonely, fearful of intimacy, lack of empathy,

  • physical: problems in heart, lungs, thymus, breasts, arms, upper back pain, chest pain, breathing issues, asthma, poor immune function, circulation issues

IN BALANCE examples (not determinative):

  • harmony: compassionate, forgiving, accepting of self and others, empathetic, self-loving, altruistic, peaceful, balanced, loving


MEDITATION - - I am worthy of love. I am loving of myself and others.

AFFIRMATION: I give and receive love fully and effortlessly. I love myself unconditionally

HEAL: I open myself to love



What grief lies dormant inside? Lay all your giref out in front of you.

It is safe to release all your sadness and loss.

It is natural to feel loss. Acknowledge and feel this loss. Let it overwhelm you so that you can truly process and release all of the sadness. 


As you sense this loss - allow any release to occur in the body - let the healing work happen. Notice an opening - an airing out. Clearing all of the heaviness - as you take your next inhale allow love to enter the heart space. Love is energy. It lives inside you.

Beneath the pains and grievances of past experiences lies a pure and spiritual place where no hurt exists.

Feel that inner well of love begin to swirl around inside, encircling your tender heart. This inner well of love is always here inside of you, able to take care of you. 

Sense the feeling of being reborn into new love. Watch and notice as the final remnants of pain flow out of the body and into space. You can sense lightness and balance inside and around you.




Heart opening

focus on breath

sun sals

backbends: Ustrasana (camel), Matsyasana (fish pose), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge)

Childs pose

Shoulder and arm stretches (e.g. eagle arms) --> arms lines connected to heart

Cultivate SPACE in lungs

Free up the diaphragm

EXPANSION in front and back of heart

shoulder blades into back body to lift sternum up

arm bones draw back

Sides of ribs lift and expand


Anulom Viloma or Bhramari Pranayama (buzzing bee) 



MUDRA of AIR = Vaayu Mudra aka Gyan Mudra = Bring the tip of your first fingers to lightly touch thumbs

Awareness to spine between shoulder blades in line with middle of sternum (Heart chakra)

INHALE - imagine golden light flowing down from Crown to Heart chakra - illuminating it a vibrant glowing green. maintain awareness in hear - EXHALE - relax.

INHALE - breath expands front and back of heart - RETAIN a few seconds - exhale and relax x 10 cycles

Relax and observe

AFFIRMATION: I give and receive love fully and effortlessly. I love myself unconditionally

HEAL: I open myself to love

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